Arnold is back: KFI's John & Ken supporting Rudy Giuliani

Apparently KFI AM 640 Los Angeles hosts John & Ken - frequent opponents of illegal immigration - want Rudy Giuliani to be president. Or, at least John Kobylt does. He seems to think that the amnesty that Rudy supports isn't amnesty. He is, of course, wrong.

This is oddly similar to a previous situation: John & Ken were one of the major forces behind the Gray Davis recall and have supported Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately, we see how well that worked out, with Arnie since revealing himself to be little more than a Democrat when it comes to matters like illegal immigration. They've since wised up to a certain extent on the Arnie front.

Of course, Rudy would almost certainly be an even worse president than the Governator, combining support for illegal immigraiton with strict authoritarianism. And, if you think Bush has unjustly milked 9/11 and terrorism for every political advantage he can get, just wait.

If you'd like to help them see the light, send an email to johnandken *at*


I remember them supporting Ah-nold as the lesser of two evils, which turned out to be a greater evil than Gray Davis himself. Now they are supporting Giuliani? Someone is paying them off, or John Kobylt is incredibly stupid. I'm guessing the latter.

And let's not forget Bill Handel allowing a MEChA propagandist, Gustavo Arellano, to go on his program without confrontation. Stop listening to KFI, like I did. Except in the wee hours when I can listen to Art Bell and Co.

As soon as the shock of Kobylt endorsing Benito subsided, I boycotted the Show and will never listen to them again. I wrote their assistant producer as well as J&K to this effect. I'm sure they miss my support (right)! Kobylt's shocking endorsement of Giuliani (because, he believes, Benito is the only one who can beat Hillary) proved that you can't trust ANYone who tells you they're anti-Invasion fr. Mexico (Giuliani is an open borders, sanctuary city hack). Another earlier shocker was nice guy conservative endorsing Benito was Rep. Ed Royce. Now when I see Royce on Lou Dobbs or some other show, I see behind the front and know that I cannot trust that man. I wonder how many other conservative Congressmen and talk show hosts are backing Benito...