Senate amnesty debate this week; how to stop it

On Wednesday, Harry Reid (D-NV) is throwing down the gauntlet (link,link), having scheduled a vote to determine whether the Senate is going to try to pass last year's illegal alien amnesty/"guest" worker bill.

In the past, I've suggested calling your Senators and letting them know what you think. Please do so in this case.

However, a much more effective way to block amnesty and reduce support for illegal immigration is to publicly embarrass a well-known amnesty supporter by asking them tough questions. If someone who supports amnesty loses a great deal of credibility, that will send a loud message to all the others who support the same thing. It will also help show just how corrupt the media is for their failure to ask tough questions.

Here are three worthy candidates:
- Bill Richardson
- John Edwards
- Jim Wallis

The latter is probably the best choice due to his pretense that his support for amnesty is "humanitarian". If he were asked a series of questions that showed that his support is not humanitarian, and the questions and answers were widely promulgated, that would take a great deal of the wind out of the sails of the amnesty movement. However, the first two might actually be more approachable. You can find out where Richardson and Edwards are appearing here.

At some future date I'll be putting together a flyer with a series of questions, but in the meantime here are some question tips:
- Is it a question? (Not just a rant)
- Is it short? (Put your details on flyers which you can hand out)
- Is it difficult to evade? (Specifically state you want them to answer the question)
- Does it reveal them to have lied or made misleading statements or have failed to think things through?

After asking your question, upload it to Youtube and other video sites, post it to blogs and forums, and use Digg and Reddit to promote it.

We just need one well-known person to be asked a series of tough questions, and then for that to be publicized for the rest of the amnesty supporters to get the message.

For some samples, see my Barack Obama video. And, here's my Bill Richardson video. Here's another question for Bill Richardson. And, for John McCain. And, of course, I stumped Tamar Jacoby.



more importantly, is the question loaded unfairly?

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