McCarthyWatch: Florida Hispanic Reps. outraged about inoffensive joke about illegal aliens

State Representative Don Brown sent an email to colleagues with the following joke:
"Don't forget to pay your taxes -- 12-million illegal aliens are depending on you!"
Now, his illegal immigration-supporting racial demagogue colleagues are outraged:
The Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus issued a statement saying it "took serious offense."

"It was wrong. It was offensive," said House Speaker Marco Rubio, R-Miami, the son of Cuban immigrants.

Rep. Rene Garcia, R-Hialeah, said the Brown e-mail showed "an ignorance as to the founding of both this state and our country. It deeply saddens me that this mentality still exists in what we consider to be a forward-looking government."

Rep. Juan-Carlos Planas, R-Miami, said Brown's remark was "not just racist on its face, but it's not true... It's that type of mentality that is prohibiting passage of a reasonable compromise immigration bill in Washington... As long as that festers, we're losing what the American spirit was all about."
Unfortunately, Brown has apologized instead of doing what he should have done: politely tell them to stick it.


So, does this mean they are admitting that their race is the primary lawless foreign invaders here???!!! gee-what a surprise!!!

No Mary the boys in power for mexico city and the third world rulers are telling you that your end is coming as a people and the ideals of freedom and laws are out the door. but soon of us may have other plan's a people and its rulers from other places and ideals who live here are now as much as a WMD As can be! make cell's make friends understand the your Enemy or he will understand you, if you know what i mean.

With 12 million illegal aliens, most living below the poverty level and thus good candidates for total refunds of their taxes, someone has to make up for the fact that the don't actually contribute to our tax base, and that's you and me. If these Hispanic politicians don't like the facts of life then they can just go pound sand.

George we will make-up the tax for mexico city and the political pigs in government will just take and take until no one has any money, after that the whites will become the enemies of all the poor people on earth and with the power all whites no matter who that person is will paid for not handing over what the monkey's want. john see you this wed for coffee think's for the new 105's and the 3000 M-12(:-)

This story is absurd. The Florida represenatative was only telling the truth. A few days ago the LA County officials admitted that LA County transfers 430 million dollars a year to illegals through food stamps, WIC vouchers, housing subsidies etc. for their anchor brats. That is nearly one-half billion dollars per year that taxpayers in LA county must fork over because of illegals. I just got my taxes back from the accountant and we owe 3 grand to the state and local "governments." I didn't look at how much we paid in California state taxes but I'm pretty sure my husband and I pay about 5 grand apiece to the "government" in Sacramento (not including property taxes a whole other ball of wax). That covers "free" anchor baby maternity fees for two breeders a year. I am s-o-o-o- happy to fork out for that "free" maternity care, let me tell you. . .

Muslims and illegals are perpetually outraged. Moreso when the truth is told. It is just meaningless noise, pay it no mind. Never acknowledge their complaint, and NEVER apologize, as it is the burden of the criminal to make apology to their victim, not the other way around. Outraged racists like Garcia and Planas are the ones who are truly ignorant about the founding of this nation. The apology is owed by them to Dan Brown, for their support of illegal behavior. Rep. Brown should have held fast and never apologized, as he only told the truth.

the other Mary the government wants what you have for the third world drug dealers, I JUST LOVE THE SYSTEM. Think freedom but don't talk about it live it.