My blogging badge

Tim O'Reilly (publishes tech books; link) and Jimbo Wales (runs Wikipedia, "The Encyclopedia Only As Good As Its Last Edit"; are feverishly working on a "Blogging Code of Ethics", which may include blogging "badges" similar to those used with CC-licensed content. ("A Call for Manners in the World of Nasty Blogs", link)

While at first I said, "badges? I don't need any badges to do this!" I reconsidered:


El Wacko, you missed an opportunity here. It should read, "We don't need no steenking badges!"

Love it dcahmil but if anyone had any kind of steenking badges that person would be sent to prison at once, after bush can't have cop's running around on the borders? the other get old river bed sen.kennedy just yold all who stand against the open borders dealers not to voice anything about drug dealers and mass-weapons like population and the end game of mass removal of other populations for the money. Old Kennedy said we can have no voices of hated and bigotry against the people of the third world, but we all understand what old kennedy means or do we? its all about the movement of millions into a country that gets whats happening and when the people start to get the facts you got to remove that people anyway you can, and replace that people with others who will do as that person is told to do.