"Mohawk Industries accused of witness tampering"

From this:
An emergency hearing has been requested to determine if Mohawk Industries tampered with potential witnesses in a federal lawsuit.

The Calhoun-based carpet manufacturer is accused of "widespread employment of illegal workers" in order to drive down wages and workers compensation claims at their Northwest Georgia plants.

...one former employee and one current employee have stepped forward saying they have been subject to intimidation and threats aimed at stopping them from testifying in the case.

Presiding judge Harold L. Murphy is expected to decide Monday if an emergency hearing is needed to address the claims, according to court officials.
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its just one more joke in a system of control, it means nothing its only for the show.

The usual we get from pols is claiming to be for workplace enforcement but then rattling on about how unacceptable it is in practice. Dennis Kucinich flat out admits he's against enforcement! He expresses concerns about worker exploitation but sounds like Bizarro here: Do you support greater enforcement or stricter penalties in regards to current law that punishes employers who knowingly hire undocumented immigrants? "No. Sanctions on employers of undocumented workers have failed. Our immigration laws have allowed employers to exploit immigrant workers and thus have denied labor rights to all who work. As the saying goes, an injury to one is an injury to all. I welcome the AFL-CIO's call to end employer penalties and I have joined with advocates for immigrants and people of color in urging that they be eliminated." Can't the guy see that eliminating penalties against employers GUARANTEES exploitation!! It's like saying I favor zero fines against tax cheats in order to bolster the integrity of the system.

amanda you got it; "its all about money", and "big business" exploitation is the main word but who isn't doing the exploitation game all over the world bush is all about one thing doing right by his business friends. so why are we in iraq? after all when a nation can be bought like this one why fight for nothing? bush and the big boys have sold us all down the river.