John McCain: your lettuce picking trainee is ready

bush lettuce

Our president loading lettuce onto a truck in Guatemala at a relief facility involving the US AID.

On the audio, he says loading the lettuce was one of the top moments of his presidency and it was, "really, really fun." I'm not making that up.

UPDATE: Read it and weep (

The United States and Guatemala trade a lot, especially now that Guatemala has become a full member of CAFTA-DR. President Berger and I believe that CAFTA can spread opportunity, provide jobs, and help lift people out of poverty. We saw how trade can transform the small village of Chirijuy -- part of our experience in traveling with the President was to get outside the capital. It was really, really fun -- and really heartwarming. As a matter of fact, it was one of the great experiences of my presidency. The town has grown from subsistence farming to selling high-value crops, like lettuce and carrots and celery. As a matter of fact, I got to pack some lettuce. The President and I were hauling boxes of lettuce, we were putting them in the truck.

On the audio he can't pronounce "subsistence", and he sounds even more like a five-year-old than the text might lead you to think.


Now we know where the ECOLI came from ...cuz he is full of S***!!!

It'd be the first honest job he's had.

mary is right and yes eh he has never had to work before.