Schwarzenegger may sign Nunez, Perata Protection Act (February primary)

The California Assembly has approved a bill that would move the presidential primary to February 2008. As previously discussed, this will also allow a proposition to appear on the ballot that will extend term limits for such worthies as Fabian Nunez and Don Perata. Arnold still needs to see the final bill, but he's indicated his support in the past. If you'd like to suggest that Arnie's in the wrong party, give him a jingle: 916-445-2841


Schwarzenegger only knows one thing, and that is he want the end of this nation soon. the enemy is inside the city and the gates/walls are down.

Hey moving the CA primary up might change America's politics, after all Ronald Reagan did come from CA. I'm really tired of East Coasters from New Hampshire choosing the Republican's front runners, by the time the primary comes to CA it's already over, besides CA doesn't have all those restrictions on candidates & parties like those chicken shit lil east coast states. Tom Tancredo could easily win CA's nomination.