The Bank of America boycott

Via this and this we learn that has started a website called They're boycotting that bank due to their decision to give credit cards to illegal aliens. It would be nice if sites like that would spend a couple hundred dollars or so coming up with a nice design, and I'd also suggest weaving those keywords into the text rather than putting them at the bottom, 90s style. Nevertheless, feel free to sign the petition or pass the URL around.


I think the pathetic person is the one who says its "humorous" at the very suggestion of a bounty. Homie would you be laughing at the suggestion if it were your head?

My, my, my aren't you getting ahead of your thoughts a little, Bob Q. provided the link.

As far as Bank of America is concerned. Many legal immigrants use ITINs, are you suggesting that you have a problem with LEGAL immigration as well...If so, just what is your problem?

Getting back on track here - would somebody please ask Gheen to boycott Delta Airlines? They could use the extra money...

Here you go again...I'll make it easier for you since you seem to have difficulty reading and comprehending.

"If you put a bounty on the head of each one of say $5,000..."
A 'bounty on the head' means killing. There are posts later in the thread that are even more explicit. This contains screen shots with explanatory comments:

Another in the same post PintoBean:
"So, put a bounty on the head of every single illegal alien in this nation, and let the red necks and their shotguns go to work..."

Seems to explicitly describe "rednecks and shotguns" to me. What part didn't you understand?

ALIPAC President William Gheen:
"Humorous idea..."
IMHO, an inappropriate response for the President of an organization that claims to be moderate, non-violent, etc. Most would be horrified at the idea of shooting illegal immigrants for a bounty by self-appointed vigilantes.

Mr. Quasius, where in the post you keep quoting is there anything about rednecks and shotguns? Where does it talk about shooting someone?? Looks like the poster was suggesting putting a $5000 reward on turning in illegal aliens.

You must be a very lonely and pathetic man.

Here's an annotated version with comments explaining the violent posts. There are more than just those two posts!

Here's William Gheen's response. He thinks this horrible idea is "humorous"! I'm sorry but I don't think shooting anyone is funny.

You'd think a moderate organization would delete a post like this and the member banned for advocating violence. Instead those who disagree with Gheen are frequently banned and their posts deleted.

William Gheen
"Humorous idea Pinto, but I don't think the American public would be happy with a bounty driven illegal alien hunt. Besides, US citizens do not have the ability to determine legal status.

Our police, Sheriffs, and Highway Patrol can get this thing turned the right way in short order.


The posts are still there. Here's the first one:

We know there are laws on the books that if enforced would eliminate the problem...however, everyone will say we do not have the money to enforce said laws, so I have another solution.

It is estimated that America's Middle Class loses some 200 Billion dollars a year in depressed wages YEARLY. It is also estimated conservatively that there are 10 Million Illegal Aliens (most from Mexico) here in America.

If you put a bounty on the head of each one of say $5,000 you are looking at around $50 Billion dollars if my math at this late hour is correct, or about 1/4 of our lost yearly wages.

Now, I can drive up to any corner where day laborers gather and tell them I need ten workers, and they will EAGERLY leap into the back of my pick up truck. 10 times $5,000 is $50,000 for one days work. So, put a bounty on the head of every single illegal alien in this nation, and let the red necks and their shotguns go to can bet in a year this place would be DEVOID of illegal aliens, and the price tag WELL WORTH IT.

Pinto Bean

Try this:

Start with PintoBean and note that "W" is President William Gheen

It's possible ALIPAC.US deleted it, so if you still can't find it we have screen shots with comments at:

I went to the site The Watchman mentioned and don't see anything about shooting anybody.

Watchman, could you C&P what you're referencing?

ALIPAC.NET is not a copycat site, and on the home page is a disclosure that we are non-affiliated with ALIPAC.US. ALIPAC.US did not buy the *.NET internet address, and now ALIPAC.NET owns it, all fair and proper.

It is interesting to see a public notice from the ORIGINAL Americans for Legal Immigration distancing themselves from ALIPAC.US:

This is the Original AMERICANS FOR LEGAL IMMIGRATION SITE (The Real One) and is NOT a PAC. We are not here to separate you from your money or to look more important than we are.

Why would someone create a copycat website?


Here's the Watchman's web site, where you can learn the truth about the 'dark side' of ALIPAC.US and it's xenophobic president.

So Cheshire, tell us, do you support measures that hurt law abiding non-citizens as well as illegals?

Do you think it is OK to offer a $5,000 bounty to "redne**s with shotguns" to shoot illegal Mexican immigrants? ALIPAC's President thinks that idea is "humorous." Do you think "redn**ks with shotguns" shooting illegal immigrants is funny? I don't think mainstream America does.

In case you missed my first point, legal non-immigrants without authorization to work do not have social security numbers but can obtain Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) so they can bank, pay their bills, etc. This includes foreign students, many other legal nonimmigrants, and some who are waiting a very long time for Immigration to approve their green cards.

The Bank of America also pointed out that 84% of its participants do have social security numbers and are trying to establish credit with a deposit secured credit card.

I'm against legalization of illegals, and all for enforcing our laws, but not through measures that also hurt others who obey our laws, and not with hatred and animosity. We can do without bounties for shooting illegal Mexican immigrants.

IMHO, stick to common sense enforcement measures such as SSN matches with workplace enforcement, empowering state and local police WITH APPROPRIATE TRAINING, and increase ICE's resources to do their job.

The immigration laws and regulations are too complicated for someone who has not been trained to correctly interpret the documents for legal status. There's a reason it takes six weeks to train state and local police to enforce immigration laws.

The man organizing it, William Gheen is at

Join the boycott!!!!

Ha! What's wrong with that guy? Must not be getting enough attention on his own website so he has to troll on this one.

Boycotting Bank of America is kick ass. It has become the Bank of Illegal Aliens. Man, my friends have already pulled over a quarter of a million out of that bank. They are loosing a lot of Americans over this.

Y'all should visit and read what Bank of America has to say for themselves. Also check out and sign the petition.

Also, I saw that Gheen guy on TV the other night and he was right on about these people aiding illegal aliens. They need to be stopped.

I'm really pissed because I have worked real hard to take care of my credit and these people can now steal my ID, ruin my credit and get credit without a SS number. Yea, we need more illegal aliens in America to screw us over.

Chesh Out :)(:

A few things about this issue and the organization leading the boycott:

1. Living in the U.S. and not having a social security number does not necessarily mean someone is an illegal immigrant. The Social Security Administration only issues numbers to non-citizens whose visa permits them to work. Many legal nonimmigrants, such as foreign students and investors, need to bank in the U.S., establish credit history, etc. That's why the IRS issues individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITINs).

2. I doubt it is illegal for the B of A to issue credit cards. William Gheen claims it is aiding and abetting, but I doubt that unless the B of A knows the client is an illegal immigrant. Again, no SSN with ITIN does not always mean illegal immigrant. In the U.S., one cannot commit a felony unintentionally and unknowingly. Other banks have issued credit cards without a SSN for years. A better solution is to stop issuing ITINs to illegal immigrants, but that's not the Bank's responsibility but our government's.

3. ALIPAC is a very xenophobic organization, and you can find anti-Hispanic comments all over its web site. They are not moderate or representative of mainstream America and do not have credibility except with the radical right. You can even find one thread where a member proposed paying "redn***s with shotguns" a $5,000 bounty for each illegal immigrant Mexican they shoot, and ALIPAC's President William Gheen thought the idea is "humorous." Here are some links.
Shooting Mexicans for a $5,000 bounty: (start with PintoBean and note that "W" is President William Gheen)

If you've ever met someone who rages about bilingual Betty Crocker recipes, or Spanish language store music, then you've probably encountered an ALIPAC supporter. Here's a collection of ALIPAC xenophobia and anti-Hispanic posts:

Americans, including myself, want our laws enforced, but without such hatred and animosity. I am opposed to illegal immigration and any form of amnesty, but I prefer common sense enforcement measures that will not hurt legal immigrants and legal nonimmigrants.

Yeah? Well screw you CLINTON.

Given that SABMiller stock is up over 10% in the five months since the Miller boycott, BOA stock is looking more and more like a good investment right about now.