Boycott Desert Schools Credit Union

Desert Schools Credit Union ( - the largest in Arizona - is explicitly marketing accounts to illegal aliens. If you have an account there, please move it somewhere else and let them know why you're doing that.

The details on their scheme are provided here:
...The state's largest credit union is bracing for similar fallout [to that of insignificant issue of the pesos-for-pizzas company] as it begins marketing savings accounts to undocumented immigrants.

Officials at Desert Schools Credit Union say the potential reward - thousands of new customers - justifies the risk of angering a few customers. Ignoring the state's fastest-growing population could be the equivalent of corporate suicide, one business expert said...

...The credit union offers reassurances that account holders will still have access to the funds, even if they're deported, [Emma Garcia, Desert Schools director of community development] said, a fear that with the passage of legislation like Proposition 200 is becoming more prevalent within the Hispanic community.

"They're afraid that that institution will partner with the Department of Homeland Security and report to them who's in an undocumented situation or not," Garcia said. "We're not going to be required to notify an agency if we find out they're undocumented. We're not required by law to do that."
It's so good that they're concerned about our laws.

Another quote source in the article is Ruben Ramos, director of public affairs with Arvizu Advertising and Promotions and a former chairman of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He's also a former Bank One vice president who helped lead the fight against Proposition 200. His involvement with the credit union is unclear, but he's quoted as saying:
"Fundamentally, I don't see anything negative that might be associated with what the credit union is trying to do, if people have a broader context about what the alternatives are for this segment of the population."
As you might expect, JJ Hensley of the Arizona Republic doesn't provide any balance to the article by suggesting the major negative involved here: Desert Schools is profiting from behavior which is illegal, and it's horrible public policy to allow companies to profit from illegal activity. When a company finds a profit center, they tend to take actions to keep making a profit. That may put DS in the position of encouraging illegal immigration in order to make even more money, such as by supporting open borders candidates like Kyrsten Sinema.

And, why stop at illegal aliens? Don't drugrunners and people traffickers have even more money? Should Desert Schools go after that market as well?


Jeebie is dead on, who cares? "after all we soon will be known as the North American Union", "OF MEXICO".

And what is Garcia saying? "we're not going to report money coming into out system to any U.S. Government agency? like homeland sec,? or the FBI, "what he is saying is go to hell U.S.A. We don't need you any more we have Mexico on our side", so can the terrorists put millions in his bank to help take us all down, you know 9-11, maybe that is what he really wants.

Well done, lonewacko. Who cares if its illegal if its profitable? Not "American" corporations and particularly "our" financial institutions. You make several good points, and just how large is the step from laundering illegal money to selling drugs over the counter? Ask any attorney general, and they will tell you the money launderer goes to prison, too. Will they offer toasters or an ounce of meth with each new account?