Congressional Pardon for Railroaded Border Patrol Agents

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has introduced the Congressional Pardon for Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean Act, which would try to seek a pardon for those BP agents who appear to have been railroaded by their own government. The bill is co-sponsored by Ed Royce (R-CA), who says that they already have 67 Republicans signed on.

Awakened to the political implications, Bush has seen his shadow and is now publicly saying that there's the possibility he might issue a pardon.

Doh! The Democrats could have taken the lead on this matter, but, to be polite, they were too dumb to do so.


Since when does Congress have the authority to grant pardons? My suggestion is that the House Republican Conference vote to censure gwb for his failure to protect the US-Mexican border and allow it to degenerate into a war zone. Congressional Republicans should cut their ties with this loser to the maximum extent possible. Given his Nixon-level popularity what's to lose?
The Dems will never vote to impeach since he is doing their job for them:destruction of the Republican Party for a generation.