George Bush's Christmas gift for railroaded Border Patrol agents

Ramos and Compean are two Border Patrol agents who appear to have been railroaded by our own government, perhaps to send a message to other BP agents that they shouldn't really enforce the law or perhaps to send a message to Mexico that president Bush isn't really serious about enforcing the law. Both have been sentenced to over 10 years in prison. Bush could pardon them, but with even his Attorney General denying having received a letter from Congressmen about the case, that seems less than likely. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher will soon be trying to give Bush a petition signed by 160,000 Americans, so perhaps that might do the trick. However, this will probably end up being what he gives them for Christmas:



This proves that Bush has no regard for Americans or protecting our country from all invaders... didn't he swear he would somewhere or another.
I only wish it was 1776 again.

not stop but shot, but this means nothing don't people get it? its so funny and i love it.

the funny thing about this little bull is both are hispanics "border guards", both stop at a mexican drug runner
but what if both are part of a drug gang doing work for that gang anf the little rat who was shot in the ass was part of someother gang, all of this is funny but it will mean nothing when the mexican drug gangs take over the politival system. and yes it is a message of evil that has been sent and the mexicans understand why, soon the USA Will be called the former USA By Defacto.

and you will do nothing but say "yes sir", so whats the point in fighting for a dead nation and its ideals of freedom and justice? "see it for what it is".