Mel Martinez stabs base in back, will promote massive immigration

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One of the leading MSM themes is to falsely accuse those who support our immigration laws of being bad people, mean-spirited, meanies, and the like. Unfortunately, some corrupt Republicans join in that bashing. In effect, those GOP members are crossing over to the other side and they're doing the MSM's (and the Democrats') work for them. Such moves undercut the GOP base and give power to the MSM, the Democrats, and far-left groups. And, those lies are then regurgitated over and over by the MSM and become enshrined as facts. A perfect example is the anti-Proposition 187 meme that's been propagated by people like Allan Hoffenblum. Other examples are the various Chris Cannon attacks on Tom Tancredo.

The latest example comes from the RNC chair-elect, Senator Mel Martinez:
...[He] said his goal will be to undo the election damage done by the border-enforcement-first message of most Republicans -- which he called "harshness only."

...Speaking to reporters after the Oval Office announcement, Mr. Martinez said he was "not going to do a post-mortem on the election here today." Moments later, though, he did a post-mortem on immigration, saying he saw a clear message on that issue.

..."I think we have to understand that the election did speak to one issue, and that was that -- it's not about bashing people, it's about presenting a hopeful face," said Mr. Martinez, who won his seat in 2004...

..."Border security only, enforcement only, harshness only is not the message that I believe America wants to convey," Mr. Martinez said...
Instead of, for instance, condemning the many Democrats who lied about their immigration positions or condemning Democrats for supporting illegal immigration and opposing border security, he's falsely accusing those in his own party of "bashing people". The far-left, the Democrats, and the MSM will probably use his own words against any other GOP candidate who supports our immigration laws.

Martinez' candidacy for head of the RNC will be decided in January. This would be a good opportunity for every GOP member to think for themselves and turn their backs on Bush, Rove, Martinez, and all the other GOP leaders who do not have the best interests of the U.S. at heart.

RNC member Randy Pullen - former chairman of a committee in favor of Arizona's Proposition 200 - says it's "another Harriet Miers moment". Hopefully it will be that, and hopefully the GOP base will tire of the frequency of such "moments" and decide that turning their backs on Bush is the best course of action for the GOP and for the country.


Third party will rise by default. The republican party already committed suicide, with a lot of help from Bush. Now they shoot bullets into the corpse. RNC=brain dead. If we are now a nation with only one political party, sounds like tyranny to me. Soviet Union, you won after all.

In a better world the RNC would vote to expel W from the party and give him to the Dems. It would be purely symbolic, but a worthwhile act nevertheless.

A good quote from Udolpho on "nativism":
Nativists: that's what people like Yglesias like to call opponents of mass immigration from Mexico, as if nothing could be more cosmopolitan than to advance policies that will fracture the economic, political, and social structure of America in order to satisfy the tragically inane illusions of multiculturalists (indeed, is there not something neo-colonial in the idea of annexing the citizens of a poorer neighboring country for use as servants and migrant labor?).

...and the like.

It's the ones you don't list that do the most to keep people quiet: racist, xenophobe, nativist.

To reuse a phrase, it is hard not to see the country as in serious decline when a cliche spouting total mediocrity like Martinez is touted as a national political player. But then his name is Martinez...