Illegal immigration supporter Rudy Giuliani for president?

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani hasn't declared himself to be a candidate for president, but has started a pro-Rudy non-profit that will probably start spreading pro-Rudy propaganda. He'll present himself as uniquely qualified to fight terrorism, but some on the far-left and perhaps others will no doubt disagree. And:

On Sunday, after a speech in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Mr. Giuliani said he did not view the election as a rebuke to Republicans, but urged the party to commit itself to fiscal discipline and immigration reform.

As discussed here, Rudy is a true softie when it comes to illegal immigration. NYC was a sanctuary city, and in the referenced interview he offered not just the standard "pass the buck to the Feds" argument, but also arguments similar to those used by opponents of California's Proposition 187. In brief, he's a strong supporter of illegal immigration.

And, from an unofficial Rudy for President blog:

...The first question from the crowd was regarding (no surprise) Illegal Immigration. Rudy essentially gave three steps that need to be enacted in any immigration reform legislation. The first step is to seal the borders. Secondly, there needs to be a mechanism for those who are here illegally to come forward so that we can identify who they are and screen them for criminals and potential terrorists. Thirdly, any immigration reform measure would have to include an English language requirement to foster assimilation into American Culture... Seems to me that this is exactly what the vast majority of Americans want: Seal the borders first!, Screen out the criminals, the drug dealers, and potential terrorists; and require anyone who stays to learn our language and assimilate...

Most Americans don't want illegal immigration, and Rudy's plan - which is just about the same as Bush's plan - would increase illegal immigration as well as increasing the risk of terrorist infiltration.


Well he fits the #1 pre requisite for running for office in America and getting party support-no matter what have no record or statements regarding resticting or halting legal or illegal immgration and have a clear consitent record of immigration non-enforcement.

jeebie for president. but understand the deal was made and we will be living inside the mexican corruption unless people stand up and fight back in the old ways. buy guns, and ask how long before the rats come for you? its all about freedom and laws and duty and this non government hates this people and hates our freedoms that is why it wants mexico city rule here. rudy giuliani is nothing but a bin laden lover and hates the USA.

A mechanism to have illegals come forward and be identified and screened for criminals and terrorists??? Sure the criminals and terrorists are going to step up and say here we are.

Hey to all you dems and repubs. You STILL aren't listening to the voters/citizens. NO AMNESTY. NO Guest-workers. No increase in H1B. No NAU. No SPP, NAFTA, or any other globalist dream. JEEZ, Is there not even ONE presidential hopeful who hears this??? Want to deal with terrorism? Enforce the laws we already have. No brainer. Deport the illegals. Practical and worth every cent. Build the WALL, it will be paid for over and over again just by stopping the leeches on our system. Oh, forget it. Dems and repubs are deaf as posts and will never wake up. They ARE the problem, not the solution. Third party victory in 08!

and require anyone who stays to learn our language and assimilate...

Exactly how is that to be done? -- the "require" part.

...and screen them for criminals and potential terrorists.

Huh? You know, I kind of doubt that if an illegal who is a criminal hears about the 'coming forward' and why the "mechanism" for it has been put in place, that he will actually do that. I guess they could try using phony documents, but then any effective 'screening' should uncover that, right? So perhaps we could just nicely ask that no criminals come forward, which would save money on the 'screening'.

Figuring out how "potential terrorists" are to be identified is another matter.