Atlanta: Radio hosts fired after lawsuit by Hispanic DJs

"The Regular Guys Show" - previously featured on WKLS-FM in Atlanta Georgia ("96Rock") and consisting of Eric Von Haessler and Larry Wachs - has been taken off the air and the hosts fired after two Hispanic hosts of a sister station show filed a lawsuit. The animosity between the two shows stretches back to the pro-illegal immigration marches, when the Regular Guys invited "Yogi and Panda" (Juan Tapia and Jose Carias from Viva 105.7) to appear on their show and discuss the rallies. Yogi and Panda were apparently encouraging their listeners to join the boycott (one of the organizers of that boycott is a former Mexican consul general). Those hosts complained to their employer repeatedly that they were "disrespected", then:
...Tapia and Carias said in the suit that Regular Guys co-host Larry Wachs secretly taped their conversations while they were in restroom stalls in the Clear Channel office building Oct. 9, then aired them Oct. 10.

Tapia and Carias also said they complained to management on numerous occasions about "incendiary comments" the Regular Guys made about their "alleged sexual orientation, race and nationality" but "these complaints have largely been ignored."
Wachs says they knew he was there and were "yelling insults" at him.

This probably isn't about the money and despite outward appearances it probably isn't personal either. It's probably an attempt to obtain racial power and try to prevent other hosts from opposing illegal immigration and associated marches. If anyone has any information on whether any politicians or similar are involved in the lawsuit or have links to Yogi and Panda, please leave a comment.

Also, please forward this news to any local talk show hosts that oppose illegal immigration.


The regular guys broke the law and now they are crying it was just a harmless prank. Harmless pranks don't merit felony charges and arrests and the regular guys should see the inside of a cell at least a few days to teach them respect for other people. What were they thinking that because they were "anglo saxons " they could get away insulting what they proably call " Meskins " in their private conversations off the air. Regular Guys, take what you deserve and please quit whining

WKLS will suffer an unimaginable ratings loss in my opinion. The "Regular Guys" make my morning and day as well as thousands of listeners who like a comedy team with great chemistry like Erik and Larry.

It's a shame when the legal BS rares it's ugly head to let a great team of entertainers like Erik and Larry be removed from my former favorite radio station and ruin /F'UP my morning commute because of a jealous duo who have absolutly no sense of humor. Keep the spirit guys i'll be waiting your return. VIVA Regular Guys!!!!!

This is a ridiculous post. "Yogi and Panda" sued their employer and former co-employees because their private conversation and actions were recorded without their consent and later aired on the radio.

What would you do if I went to your place of employment and recorded your bowel movements and your cell phone conversation then later aired it on the radio. All fun and laughs, right? Wrong, it is a felony and a Fulton Magistrate Judge agreed and had Mr. Wachs arrested for invastion of privacy.

No politicians involved, just a slew of lawyers.

Way to find Hispanics suing people and somehow turn it to an immigration debate.

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