Tucson Citizen endorses former MEChA member Raul Grijalva

The Tucson Citizen has endorsed U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva in his reelection bid for Arizona's Congressional District 7. He's running against Ron Drake (Republican) and Joe Cobb (Libertarian).

Grijalva is not just a former MEChA member, he's proud of his membership in that group. MEChA wants to "liberate" "Aztlan" (the supposed homeland of the Aztecs, which just happens to coincide with the U.S. southwest and parts of Mexico). And, of course, he's a Democrat.

Even Los Angeles' "Mayor Reconquista" Antonio Villaraigosa has (somewhat) renounced that group, saying that he doesn't support their goals. Apparently Grijalva does support their goals.

Grijalva's past affiliations might be a good conversation starter if anyone ever runs across Howard Dean or another leader of the Democratic Party somewhere.


perroazul del norte, we have become a third world country or will be soon, the question is will the people who made it stand up and fight for the ideals of freedom and laws and duty or just stand around and say, Yes To the rats?

think of the future and the camps.

this is to good to be real, grijalva is just one more rat inside this non government, and can i say if hitler was still alive and inside our government like Grijava ( read mexico drug dealer ) could i start a conversation " with MR. Hitler I understand you killed 12 million people in camps from 1933 to 1945, so what do you think of MR. Bin Laden?

Grijalva and his kind are just little Hitler's waiting to come out and do you a job, but faces facts we have many inside this so called government, on the happy side we know what he is.

and we also know who endorsed him. mexico city and its drug dealers.

They won't care.
Yes, all the Dem leadership cares about is winning the next election. The GOP , on the other hand, is saddled with a fanatical lunatic as leader: a man who thinks it is his mission to impose liberal democracy on the Islamic world and turn the US, Canada and Mexico into a single dysfunctional, Spanish-speaking Third World country.

For a Bush supporter's satirical treatment of the Democrat's current anti-gay witch-hunt:
It's the Homos, Stupid--An Open Letter to the Conservative-American Community
Despite what you may have heard on Fox News, we Democrats know what issues are on the minds of heartland conservatives like you. We know that your number one concern of is the safety of your children -- whether they are plucking their banjos on the back porch, speaking tongues to snakes at Jesus Camp, or torching crosses at your local Nascar racing contest. We also know that the number one threat to your children's safety is the scourge of international homo-ism. That's why we at the DNC have created "The Contract With American Hillbillies," a new multipoint investigation program to identify and root out conservative stealth homoism before it threatens you or your precious little inbreeds.

What we have found so far has been shocking. You may have already read the disgusting story of Mark Foley, the Florida Republican gay pervert congressman who spent night after night on the godless internet discussing unnatural sex acts and interior decoration with innocent underaged pages. And now our investigators have learned that Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig is less interested in Boise than he is in "boy-sies." Now that his sickening secret is out, the good conservative folks of Idaho can send this pansy packing to San Francisco where he can be Potato Queen in the the next pride parade.

Grijalva's past affiliations might be a good conversation starter if anyone ever runs across Howard Dean or another leader of the Democratic Party somewhere.

They won't care.