Rocky Mountain News' dishonest poll coverage

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Consider the article "Mass deportations get thumbs down":
Rep. Tom Tancredo is not terribly impressed by a new Rocky Mountain News/ CBS 4 poll, conducted Sept. 10-12, that seems to show most Colorado voters disagreeing with his hardline immigration prescription.

More than four times as many voters polled said they'd rather have Congress grant illegal immigrants a path to citizenship than deport them; 61 percent would make naturalization an option for those illegals who paid back taxes and learned English.

A mere 15 percent of those polled want them all sent home.

Wait just one minute, Tancredo protested in a meeting with News editorial writers this week. Those polled should have been given more options, he maintained, since he doesn't advocate mass deportations, either...

[...attrition through enforcement...]

...We're not fully persuaded. Many illegals would surely prefer to take their chances here than in their homelands, even if surviving in the underground economy became far more difficult. An enforcement-only policy would push many of them further into a shadow society. Which is one of numerous reasons we'd rather Congress offer a long-term path to citizenship when it finally cracks down along the border.
Is there any reason to suspect that the poll questions - which I can't find - were any less biased than the RMN's coverage of their poll? Clearly, the poll's results were right in line with what they favor, leading me to suspect that the questions were asked in just the "right way".



To give an informed answer to a simple poll question, you have to know about all the aspects of the issue. Which most people aren't. Because what they get from the MSM runs like this: people who worry about immigration, or favor enforcement of immigration law, are "hardline", which doesn't sound very nice; the hardline approach is "anti-immigrant", or worse, racist, not to mention impractical, and aren't we "a nation of immigrants" anyway?; and "mass deportation" is what the Nazis did, isn't?

That's about it.

So when they're asked whether they favor "mass deportation" (hardline, impractical, racist, Nazi) or a 'path to citizenship'...Well, what are they supposed to say?