Don Perata: only small minority against driver's licenses for illegal aliens are "crackers"

[California] Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata spoke yesterday about opponents of giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens:

"Immigration is a red meat issue... You've got all these crackers down in Southern Cal – ah, where is it, San Diego, taking on the governor. Even the governor was shocked."

He's a Democrat, and "cracker" is a derogatory term for a white person, so - don't worry! - everything's going to be OK. Plus, he's issued a followup statement:

Next time I come to Sacramento in August I'll be sure to run the air conditioner. I want to clarify something I said earlier today. While I am concerned about the coarse and divisive tone used by a small minority in the driver's license debate, I believe that the vast majority on both sides are people of good will.

So, only a small minority of those opposed to giving state-sponsored ID to foreign citizens who are here illegally and thereby supporting massive illegal immigration and its associated massive corruption are "crackers". Thanks for clearing that up.

In previous news, Don Perata also supports foreign citizens marching in our streets, making a show of force and demanding rights to which they aren't entitled. And, he was involved in a rather curious situation with a donation from Regency Outdoor.


John S. Bolton is right once more! but if the bush boys have anything to say, someday the American people will be the small minority inside the former USA And we all know what happens in third world so called nations to small minorities of people don't we?

think life not death, think guns of freedom, think laws that work for you and keep you alive inside your own nation. the dark angel of evil is the third worlds people and its a evil that you don't want to live with or be killed by.

As usual, the professionals can only find ad hominem approaches such as saying that it is some backward cracker mentality that would put America first, and not be keen to grant special rights to foreign criminals.
How would there be rational arguments for letting illegals just come in, and get driver's licenses in as many aliases as they feel that they may need, for a life of crime?
Not only that, but they would call it egalitarian and all about freedom.
Apparently what such advocates want is freedom for aggression.