Myth Debunked: Latin Conservative Tidal Wave Is Not Coming

Heather MacDonald offers this, which is sure to get the usual suspects and various Lysenkoists up in arms:
The myth of the redemptive Hispanic is finally cracking. For years, conservative open-borders advocates have touted Hispanic "family values" as a prime reason to increase immigration. Hispanic immigrants, these conservatives say, will save America from itself. At a time when Anglo and black families are disintegrating, when society is becoming increasingly atomized and alienated, Hispanics will bring the traditional values that the country so desperately needs. In a classic iteration of the theme, Larry Kudlow wrote on NRO last May that Hispanic immigrants would "become a much-needed churchgoing blue-collar middle class . . . that is crucial to a healthy America."

The truth is now supplanting the fiction. Last Friday, the New York Times ran an editorial, "Young Latinas and a Cry for Help," that laid out the real state of the Hispanic family. A quarter of all Latinas are mothers by the age of 20, few of them married, reported the Times. This out-of-wedlock teen-birth rate is three times that of white teens, and significantly more than that of blacks as well. The Hispanic dropout rate is also the highest in the country — the Manhattan Institute's Jay Greene puts it at 47 percent...


That's some amazing conservatism, which can equate a 40-50% illegitimacy rate, and one that is oddly similar to what prevails in central america, with strong family values.
Doesn't a hispanic high school dropout rate approaching 50%, say something about those Bush family values, that don't stop at the Rio grande?
They must be just here to work on bringing our family values to their standard.