Harry Reid perpetuates illegal alien "Catch and Release"

From a John Cornyn statement (via this):

An amendment to help DHS end "Catch and Release" was just killed by Sen. Reid. He raised a "point of order" against the amendment, preventing a vote on Sen. Cornyn's amendment.

From an earlier description of the amendment:

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, chairman of the Immigration and Border Security subcommittee, offered an amendment to the pending homeland security funding bill Tuesday that would end the practice of "catch and release" for hundreds of illegal immigrants each week. The Cornyn amendment would require federal judges to take into account national security and border security when imposing any injunction that restricts the Department of Homeland Security's ability to administer immigration laws. The amendment closes a current loophole in the law for illegal immigrants from El Salvador...

In related Cornyn news, WND finally notes his "North American Investment Fund" scheme.