Alex Jones detained in Canada on Bilderberger orders?

Way far out there radio host Alex Jones tried to enter Canada yesterday to cover a Bilderberg meeting. He claims that he was detained by Canadian immigration officials since last night to this afternoon on the orders of that group:
Customs openly told Alex as soon as they brought him into custody that the Bilderberg Group was aware of his arrival and that this was the reason for his detainment. All three members of the team were instantly detained despite going through different immigration desks...

...Towards the end of the ordeal national media, including the Ottawa Citizen and CBC, got wind of what was unfolding and sent journalists to the airport to talk to Alex...

...The point to emphasize again is that it was brazenly stated that the Bilderberg Group were behind the decision to detain Alex and his team...
Jones appears to have been ordered to fly back to Austin, but they decided not to follow through and he's currently in Canada. And, from this:
"As a result of the privacy act, we are forbidden from discussing individual cases," said Marina Wilson, spokesperson for the department. "I'm not aware of this ... (detention) is at the discretion of our visa officers."

Mr. Jones said that he and the agents had reconciled prior to his release.

"I want to say, on the record, it takes two to tango. I could have handled it better."
Speaking on the less far out there Coast To Coast, Jones described it as a "terrorizing" incident similar to the Soviet Union. And, he claims that he was under duress when he issued his conciliatory statements.


see: 760 am kfmb san diego for info, on seven marines and one navy corpsman in shackles at camp pendleton with NO CHARGES No rights and the rats in our non government have order this to happen for the bin laden boys inside our non government who hate this nation and want us dead for mexico city/ RED CHINA and Bin Laden, ask how long before the marines are order to be beheaded by the non government of the former USA?

Ask how long before you are pick-up for being an American inside the former usa? for Bin Laden and Red China? And the drug government of mexico city?

all of you do know what is happening to 8 usmc guys right now for killing al qaeda rats in iraq, right? and isn't that what Alex Jones said would happen soon to you for standing up against evil rats here who hate our freedoms? THIS STORY IS ONLY STARTING TO BECOME KNOWN.

ask who is doing who and for what reason? and ask how many inside our non government are working for bin laden?

Alex Jones is my hero. I visit on a regular basis and own several of his documentaries.

I listen to what he said about what happened, it looks like the one world rats are moving thing's up, the rats know that the USA Must be killed soon, and if that happens you will not like what comes next, listen to coast to coast the show is great.
the fact is the bilderberg's have always done this kind of outrage people should understand what the rats are doing with the North American Union, after-all its your life.

You can listen to a 5 minute MP3 file of Alex calling into his show as soon as he was released and retold the events.