Mayor Mike has an immigration plan for you, Citizen

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is getting real with "Enforceable, Sustainable, Compassionate". He proposes four steps to immigration "reform".

The first is creating a national database so employers would know they're hiring legal workers: "The database must identify all job applicants in America based on documentation that cannot be corrupted--fingerprints or DNA, for example."

Couldn't we just get implants or something? Perhaps with GPS built-in so employers would be extra-double assured their new worker is here legally.

While he's right about the need to hold employers accountable, we already have ways to do that that wouldn't end up turning the U.S. into North Korea and turning all of us into little more than servants of the state.

If his line about greenskeepers (first link) wasn't clue enough, Mayor Mike is part of a certain corrupt class that really has no clue about this country's fundamental principles.

Dismissing the rest of his article is left as an exercise for any grade school teachers who want to give their class a slightly challenging assignment.


And since their half-baked notions won't affect them personally, the more idiotic, the better it seems. If immigration affected the elites the way it affects ordinary people, things would be very different. Imagine, for example, that New Yorkers could vote in as mayor anybody in the world who chose to run - sort of expaaaaanded the competition, so to speak. Think Big Mike would have the job?

The rich have a lot of time for idiotic theorizing. Apparently.