Who's responsible for illegal immigration?

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By sending us millions of their citizens, Mexico has managed to obtain political power inside our country.

As shown by the recent marches, that political power can be mobilized - whether in fact by Mexico or just by partisans - into a show of physical force.

The U.S. is faced with a difficult choice: do we give in, or do we decide to enforce our laws and face the consequences.

If we choose the former, we will only embolden the government of Mexico and others who've supported massive illegal immigration, giving them more power inside our country.

If we choose the latter, will those who marched last week decide to riot instead?

With those thoughts in mind, it's going to be helpful going forward to take a look at the groups responsible for getting us into this situation. Some of them include:

* Businesses. Includes manufacturers, growers, banks, and their advocacy groups.

* The Democratic Party. The Democratic leadership apparently sees illegal immigrants as a massive future voting bloc, and in addition that party is built on playing racial politics. Individual Democratic supporters may base their support on psychological factors, such as a fear of being called names or guilt. Democratic leaders and others play on those fears. Others may do so out of petty corrupt grounds, such as those who employ illegal domestic labor.

* The Republican Party. While the GOP leadership will say that they support "immigration" in order to get the "Hispanic vote", the bottom line appears to be... the bottom line. Companies that profit off illegal labor donate to Republican politicians, and those politicians tend to do what is in the best interests of those companies.

* The media. Almost all newspapers and their reporters support illegal immigration. They do that through editorials and frequently by publishing false or biased news reports. The reasons appear to be based in part on leftwing ideology and in part due to business reasons. For instance, in some small towns the local newspaper may support illegal immigration because the town bosses profit off the practice. Larger newspapers may do something similar. Many bloggers also support illegal immigration.

* Racial and leftwing groups. Includes groups such as the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"), MALDEF, the National Immigration Forum, and countless others. Many of those are funded by leftwing foundations and are not grassroots groups. For instance, the Ford Foundation has given MALDEF over $25 million since the latter's founding.

* Ideologues. Very few people support massive immigration out of mostly ideological reasons. However, some libertarians fall into this camp. This group could be ignored except for the fact that they are much more influential than just their numbers would indicate.

* Extremists. There are various people and groups who support and oppose massive immigration largely on racial grounds. All white supremacist groups oppose immigration or illegal immigration because of the race of those immigrating. On the other hand, various Hispanic or Chicano groups support massive illegal for the same reason.

* Churches. They want new parishioners, and they also seem unable to figure out that illegal immigration leads directly to worker abuse.

* The not-yet-informed. Unfortunately, a large number of Americans aren't as familiar with this subject as they could be. They're easily swayed by false arguments, such as those who claim that "guest" workers would in fact be "guests".

On a general note, please contact all your representatives and urge them to oppose any sort of amnesty or "guest" worker scheme. The main Senate Switchboard is (202) 224-3121 or (888) 355-3588. You can also send free FAXes here.


An "immigrant charge law" which included all immigrants, aliens, foreign nationals, refugees and their children and made their employers and importers and profiteers "pick up the tab" would turn the tide instantly.

Yes, indeedy, Smitty. Just send that builder who hires illegal immigrants the $8,000 plus per child in public schools and collect for the whole family's health care as well. These costs are more than what the builder pays as a salary.

I just used the link to send yet another fax; this time denouncing appeasement of hostile illegal aliens, through the judiciary committee vote.

An "immigrant charge law" which included all immigrants, aliens, foreign nationals, refugees and their children and made their employers and importers and profiteers "pick up the tab" would turn the tide instantly.

A tweak in the tax code is in order too, we can't tolerate a tax code which diverts revenues and income from citizens to immigrants while excluding taxation of most immigrants.

A flat tax is in order