CPAC, immigration, and not yet clued-in bloggers: Part 2

Last year at this time, I posted "Tamar Jacoby, CPAC, immigration, and not yet clued-in bloggers" about the Conservative Political Action Conference. Apparently Tamar couldn't make this year's festivities. However, showing that they haven't learned, there's a new crop of not-yet-clued-in posts.

BoiFromTroy offers "Conservative's New Immigration Lexicon". He plays the mass deportations strawman, alludes to Propostion 187, and confuses "immigration" with "illegal immigration", then:

The message that we should treat immigrants as human beings with dignity and personhood goes in contrast to the remedy that conservatives propose. There is no dignity in militarizing our borders and no respect of personhood when the best you can offer is "go home."

Then apparently laws forbidding, say, trespassing have no dignity. With dignity comes responsibility: there's a right way and a wrong way. If you choose the wrong way, then you should go home. That's better than the "liberal" solution of treating illegal aliens as if they were retarded.

The usual suspect Ryan Sager (featured in last year's post) offers his usual "libertarian" ideas here, and I encourage you to leave comments taking him to task.

As before, the American "Mind" has thoughts.

There's a list of other bloggers here. Please take some time and clue them in as necessary.



Lonewacko, you're doing a great job! (Gawd, that sounds like what Bush said to Brown!LOL!) We appreciate your efforts. Check out our immigration blog.