Korean anchor babies and "birth tourism"

In May 2002 the LAT reported on the phenomonon of "birth tourism": foreigners traveling to the U.S. specifically to have children. Those children would then automatically be declared U.S. citizens and could receive benefits and wouldn't be subjected to the home country's rules. And, once they reach 18, those citizens could then sponsor the whole family to come here as immigrants.

Obviously it's a scam and an attempt by people around the world to take advantage of us, but, since many of those people are non-white, "liberals" reflexively jump to defend this scam.

From "Korean moms want 'born in USA' babies" (link):
...One might say it is the ultimate gift that South Korean parents can give their newborns. Those who can cough up the $20,000 or so it costs are coming to the United States by the thousands to give birth so their newborns can have American citizenship.

Their reasons range from a desire to enroll their offspring in American schools to enabling them to avoid South Korean military service.

Los Angeles is the most popular destination because of its large Korean-speaking population, along with New York, Boston, Hawaii and even Guam. The practice is also believed to be popular among women from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

So many are doing it that a mini-industry has developed here of agencies that refer expectant mothers to travel agents, immigration lawyers, prenatal clinics, hospitals and even baby-sitters, arranging what are, in effect, package tours for pregnant women.

"From birth to citizenship," advertises one Korean-language Web site (www.birthinusa.com) that helps women give birth in Los Angeles...

"If they could afford it, all my friends would go to the United States to have their babies," Kim said. "My biggest complaint about Korea is the educational system. In high school, you have to study past midnight or else you fall behind the others and can't get on with your life. And since the baby is a boy, I thought it would be a big gift for him not to be burdened with military service."

...South Korean-run Hana has three centers for expectant mothers in the Los Angeles area and last year opened an elegantly furnished postnatal facility called Larchmont Villa, in L.A.'s Koreatown, where women can stay until it is time to fly home. Their services include such conveniences as a private car for pickup at the airport and a guide to help get the baby a Social Security number and passport...
If he were ever asked, I have little doubt that Howard Dean would approve of this scheme.

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What's so bad about this? I am an American expatriate and still have to pay American taxes (or at least declare what I have paid in taxes elsewhere). As far as benefits go... I have the American consulate to go to for advice, am allowed to vote for the president, and do not have to get a visa for travel to many countries. My responsibilities include not only paying taxes but conscription if there is a new draft.

I don't see how this kind of birth tourism can really be a big problem for the country as a whole. Is it cheating? Yes, since the mothers misrepresent themselves to get a visa. But how can having a group of wealthy, well-educated, tax-paying citizens abroad be considered a detriment to our country?

A friend of mine who taught in Korea says that guys are handing out flyers on the street in Seoul advertising that they will get you to the US and into a well-regarded high school. That high school is now 75% Korean, and the feeder grade schools 99% Korean. Last year, they took all the school and city officials to Korea for a "cultural understanding" tour. Quite well planned and funded, eh?! Not like running across a desert.

This practice also depresses the cost of illegal immigration as reported by MSM sources: the new arrival is a US citizen, entitled to all benefits that other US citizens are entitled to, so these costs may not be calculated. These benefits include many things that have been denied to non-citizens by law. Needless to say, the rest of the family also benefits from some of these goods and services. Plus the parents have to practically commit a major crime to be deported as the parents of a US citizen.

This practice also to all intents and purposes removes the right to bestow citizenship from the nation and its people and gives to the world at large. Small wonder that next to no other countries still allow birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants. Mexico sure doesn't!

With stuff like this going on I just cannot see how anyone could possibly defend as reasonable the current manage to be born here, be a citizen policy.

This shows why birthright citizenship is unrightful. It allows foreigners to abuse and debase our citizenship. It allows all manner of increase of aggression on the net taxpayer, which everyone should be able to acknowledge the evil of. It implies that our citizenship has no meaning but a transiency and tolerance of foreign hostile acts.