Did BushCo test bioweapon (Tularemia) on peace protesters on Sept. 24?

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DHS sensors have detected the presence of airborne Tularemia in Washington on September 24 and 25, the dates of the big peace protest.

Tularemia is a disease normally spread by people handling dead rabbits and other rodents or by ticks bites, and about 200 people catch it each year. It appears to be treatable with antibiotics, and we're currently in tail end of the incubation period, which could extend up to the 9th of this month.

The WaPo's "Biohazard Sensors Triggered: Mall Germ Levels Likely Not a Threat" has more:

Health authorities in the Washington area were notified yesterday that the bacteria were found in and near the area between the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, where crowds gathered Saturday for an antiwar rally and a book festival...

Remember that last bit, as it will become important below...

"We pretty much feel there is no public health threat here," said Von Roebuck, a spokesman for the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, noting that there have been no reports of tularemia, the disease that is caused by the bacteria. "We just wanted to alert the medical community to watch out for cases."

The "the working hypothesis": something or other got "stirred up".

But [D.C. Public Health Director Gregg A. Pane] said it was puzzling that the finding was from a day when the Mall was packed with people. "Why that day? That's what is not explained," Pane said. "It was just this 24-hour period and none since."

It's not that puzzling to those who know where to look. Remember that book festival mentioned above? It was promoted by First Lady Laura Bush, and it featured several prominent left-wing authors.

However, the First Lady did not appear at the event she promoted.

And, as previously discussed, other officials - including Bush, Cheney, and others - were out of town that day.

While the link before last points out that there were false positives before, this current outbreak could be an attempt to take advantage of those past occurences.

As kestrel, who claims to be a DVM, says:

I am sticking my neck out on this to say, IMHO, this administration tried to kill protestors. I refuse to apologize to anyone for my stand. I refuse to back down. I know my germs.

Moreover, our first victim of the attack has been located: "Anyone else sick a week after the protests?" More in "Did the Miltary Use DC Protest to Test Bio-weaponTularemia?", "Rare Germ Found in D.C., but No Terror Fears", and this JAMA backgrounder,