Blogging 500 Internal Server Error problems solved; a plea

I haven't had any of those nagging 500 Internal Server Errors today, so perhaps the author of DBD::mysql has finally fixed the problem and done so in a way that cPanel can automatically update itself with the new version.

I also have a plea that's driving me wacky. Did you come here looking for cat_politics.html, and did you get a 404? That's because there's a space before "archives" in the URL you followed. Please leave a comment telling me where that URL can be found, since I can't find it. (The space might be a "%20", or it might just be a regular blank space).


What needs to be respected is our minimum standards. If the Latino community stands for such hideous degradation of our minimal standards of conduct, it cannot be respected for that. America stands for human success at raising the standard of living through freedom from aggression, not freedom for aggression by foreign criminals. To be living that way, 50 or 60 in a small house, means that their incomes are far too low to be net taxpayers. That they also had the depraved indifference to throw their children into such conditions, shows a community that America cannot respect, and still keep its standards.