Bush to illegal aliens: once you're in the U.S., you're home free

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A Government Accountability Office staffer told a House panel yesterday that workplace enforcement of immigration violations had fallen sharply under the Bush administration.

For an example, here are the numbers of employers who received formal letters warning about fines for possible violations of immigration laws:

Clinton in 1999: 417 employers
Bush in 2003: 3 employers

They claim this is because they've been focusing on possible terrorism, such as by concentrating on the border and on illegal aliens working at sensitive sites like Navy shipyards.

However, no doubt a major reason for the drop-off is because of "other factors."

See "Employer sanctions decline" (link) for the details (also here as "Auditors find drop in immigration enforcement at worksites" link). Separate report in "Critics cite lax efforts to enforce federal worksite immigration laws" (link).

One of the stock lies from the Open Borders crew is "America's immigration system is broken, and needs to be fixed". This current report is further proof that that's a highly misleading statement: you can't say a system is broken if they system isn't being implemented as designed.


"It is racist to suggest that just because someone is Hispanic is therefore an illegal immigrant is racist."

No, it isn't hard for me to understand -- even with your totally mangled sentence quoted above, I DO get it.

A = is Hispanic, B = is illegal

This site has never said, from what I have seen, that A => B. (Certainly I have never said it, and it was not in, or implied by, the post you commented on.) But this is basically what you said in your first comment; isn't that correct? In other words, your first comment was total bullshit.

I then went on to show you that Home Depot is engaged in a lot more than trying to "win the growing Hispanic market", something you ignored.

As you admit, in America today it is a fact that the other sense, B => A, is almost a tautology, meaning the vast majority of illegal immigrants are Hispanic. My comment about common sense and law enforcement again: Given this, along with what I called reasonable probable cause, there is nothing wrong with, say, a police officer using A+ => B to suspect someone is here illegally, where "+" means probable cause (e.g. lack of English) added to the fact that someone is Hispanic.

So it isn't always "racist" to think, or "suggest", someone who is Hispanic may also be illegal, or to make this association more generally -- it's just common sense.

Note the name of the organization is not the 'Pew Illegal Alien Center' -- instead it is the "Pew Hispanic Center", and it is assumed they interest themselves in Hispanics. Yet they produced a report about illegal immigrants in South Carolina. Why? I suppose there are two possibilities: per you, they're "racist" and assumed studying Hispanics was the same as studying illegal aliens, so they produced a report about illegal aliens instead, intending to do their usual lobbying on behalf of "Hispanics" (read: illegal aliens). Otherwise, where's the story? Some report about legal Hispanics in South Carolina would be even more boring than one about illegals there. Or they produced a report about illegals because they know most of them are Hispanic. In the case of South Carolina, the difference is insignificant, and Hispanic is probably pretty much synonymous with illegal alien (perhaps also in North Carolina), since it's not likely the US admits enough Hispanics legally for them to be showing up in every corner of America as they are.

Legal or not, "racist" or not, I don't really care -- it's a stupid sideshow. The looming social disaster of out of control Hispanic immigration is more than clear, as anyone who's lived through it in Southern California can tell you:



Not that you are receptive to facts like these.


Let's say that to some it's less than clear that a rapidly increasing population of people who are 1) markedly less successful academically (i.e. economically), and 2) more likely to be criminals than the native population is "good" for any nation. Especially when this new group differs ethnically; in fact, some would say this, as it plays out in reality, is a form of social pathology. And all of the above applies to the increase in the number of Hispanics in America.

A good trend. May God bless President Bush and may his plans move forward.