A dozen or so "nurses" hold pathetic anti-Arnold protest in Chicago

My title again! MSM report actually titled "Chicago Protesters Greet Gov. Schwarzenegger".

Schwarzenegger was in the city to attend a private fundraiserevent at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, but several local nurses protested outside the facility... The local nurses are supporting their California counterparts who say Schwarzenegger may try to privatize their pensions...

The reader is invited to try to count all of the nurses shown in these photographs. It looks to me like there were a dozen there, but some people might be able to spot one or two more.

I note also that all of them appear to be carrying the same printed sign. And, I wonder if it's entirely accurate to simply refer to them as "nurses." While the article does mention the American Nurses Association, wouldn't it be more accurate to describe them as nurses who are members of nurse's unions or of membership/lobbying groups like the ANA?

Note that the ANA is (I believe) affiliated with the California Nurses Association, which is working with the California Teachers Association on their anti-Arnold smears.

And, note that the ANA has 150,000 members and is only open to R.N.s, yet our own Census Bureau is eager to inform us that there are 2.4 million R.N.s in these United States.


Likely that these aren't nurses at all, just actors chosen for their stereotypical credibility as nurses from an agency. Almost all of the demonstrators at some of these events are nothing more than hired actors, paid part-time, minimum wage. For example, I heard about one such demonstrator for animal rights, picketing a Burger King.. Later he was seen at the McDonald's, down the street, munching a hamburger. When asked for an explanation, he said that he didn't really believe in all that stuff about animal rights.. He just demonstrated for pay! The problem is that he had scared / harrassed a little girl at a drive through. The mother tried to call the police to get him arrested and he magically disappeared from the area, apparently spirited away by demonstration organizers!

Six, a dozen, twenty, whatever. How many governors are unpopular enough to get protested by any number of people when they're fundraising in a different time zone?