Yet another attempt by Gil Cedillo to keep illegal aliens driving

Gil Cedillo is back with a new bill. However, this isn't trying to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Rather, it would waive the impound period for those who are here illegally and who are caught driving without a licenses. At the very least you have to applaud Cedillo for his persistence and creativity.

From S.B. 591's text:

...This bill would require a city or county to exempt a person from the impound period where the offense involves a person who has never been issued a driver's license due to an inability to meet the requirement that the applicant's presence in the United States is authorized under federal law...

Eric Leonard on KFI 640 AM Los Angeles says that the LAPD might come out with an official stance on this bill. To keep up with the latest action on this bill, here's its main page.

If you live in California, please contact your representatives and stress your opposition: Senate, Assembly.

Previous coverage of Cedillo's innumerable attempts to circumvent our immigration laws is in this category and also in, for just one example, "Actors, writers and musicians want you to pay all the costs for their cheap labor".


Ever notice that these proposals are so crazy, that when you describe them to sensible people, they just think you are lying? Then the question becomes why would you lie about this unless you were a racist. There have been several of these things now, and if the lefties had the slightest clue what Gil Cedillo truly wanted they wouldn't like it one bit. The world is not split up cleanly into the conspicuous compassionate crowd, and the other crowd.

Not giving driver's licenses to foreign criminals is also a good idea because it keeps them from getting certain jobs, through which they can increase their prevalence in our society. Let's reserve those jobs for the citizenry and restrain the numbers of foreign criminals running loose in the country. There is much to be gained in terms of national security, and restraint of the plundering of the net taxpayer, and nothing to be lost but the cynical employers attempt to gain a short term profit from the degradation of our median incomes and labor standards.