The New Hemispheric Order

From "Task force urges ‘North American community'":

The United States, Canada and Mexico should form a "common security perimeter" as part of a broad security and economic plan aimed at boosting trade and bolstering the continent's borders, a tri-national task for report urged Monday.

"Our vision of North America is one of three sovereign states whose formal collaboration must reflect their mutual interdependence while respecting their differences," a joint statement issued by the task force's chairman said...

"The three countries should develop a secure North American border pass with biometric identifiers," the report said. "This document would allow its bearers expedited passage through customers, immigration and airport security throughout the region."

...The task force was jointly sponsored by the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations.

The post The "New Partnership in North America": double-plus NAFTA from a few days ago discussed this task force.


You're dreaming, Wacko. You see, we already have the fact of internationalism shoved down our throats. Conservatives such as yourself want your repressive, security-obsessed policies to be uniformly and sincerely applied. Bush (and the oligarchs he serves) are not true convservatives, but merely pander to these grass-root obsessions with their ceaseless, corporatized propaganda machine. Bush and his crowd want short term profits, and don't consider the long-term implications of globalism. Its just another propaganda ploy, subjectively utilized (when indifferently convenient) by his Rovite mignons. You buy all the other propaganda, what racist thoughts keep you from getting on board with the brave new world order? Out-sourcing? Great. International Policeman? Groovy. Everything's working to the max. The system has never been so strong, our economy never so productive. Get on board, Wacko, the train's leaving the station. Dip that bread in the gravy while it is still hot!
A friend.

This brings up the possibility of a new euphemism for illegal immigrants: self-expedited.

You read it here first.