Dutch flag banned in some schools

From this:

Cals College in IJsselstein has prohibited two of it's students to have Dutch flags on their bags.

The 16 year old boy and his friend where told by the director of their school that they "urgently should consider" to remove the Dutch flags from their bags, it could provoke other students, mainly Moroccan students. The two considered the urgent request of the school as a prohibition...

Update (2005 feb 1):
Daily news paper Telegraaf now says that their are more schools who ban the Dutch flag. They write that Groene Hart Lyceum in Alphen aan den Rijn already ban the Dutch flag for nearly a year. They deny access to students who have flags on their bags or cloth. The school says they need to do this because of the new social climate. But they say prohibition is a big word, they do it in consent with the pupils...

The Dutch article on that update is here.

The Telegraaf article "Vlagverbod is wijdverspreid" remains untranslated, but I imagine the headline means "Flag prohibition is widespread".

It would be nice to see a trustworthy verbatim translation of these articles into English or at least French or German.