Blogger gets SLAPPed?

Remember the story about OBL specifically threatening U.S. states that voted for Bush, and offering peace to those U.S. states that voted for Kerry?

It was first reported in the NY Post on November 1 in "MONSTER'S DEADLY WARNING TO 'RED' STATES" based on a report by MEMRI.

That soon spread like wildfire throughout blogdom. For the "simple" version, as usual, we turn to Hey, nice graphic. I don't know if Insty covered it, but it was covered here and here. There are lists of the dozens of other blogs that covered it here, here, here, and here. Hopefully somewhere in those links there are at least a few bloggers who considered this an attempt by Bush supporters to throw the election to Bush.

Some people disputed MEMRI's interpretation of the OBL video, as discussed here. One of the people quoted in that last article is Juan Cole, a leftie history professor at the University of Michigan, who's also a blogger.

On 11/3, published his article "Osama Threatening Red States?" (Disclaimer: - though not Justin himself - once referred to your blogger as a "warbot".)

Now, because of that article, he's received a lawsuit threat from MEMRI. He says it appears to be a threatened SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation) suit. Let's see if this gets as much attention as the original report.


Bush is in lets all ask the so and so to get bin laden or kill the rat, but bush will never do that.