Ridge: no sign of terrorists trying to cross border

From the AP:

NOGALES, Ariz. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says he's seen no sign of terrorist efforts to cross the U-S-Mexico border.
Speaking in Nogales, Arizona, yesterday, Ridge said the United States is not going to start militarizing the border.

Ridge says nothing from intelligence reports has suggested that terrorists have tried to cross the border...

Now, go read up on all that chatter about terrorists coming over the border and decide whether Ridge is telling the truth or not...

The longer version of the AP report is titled "South African Woman Pleads Guilty In Altered Passport Case". It concentrates on the matter discussed here and includes Ridge's comments. It contains this priceless quote from Ridge:

"We have a long tradition with our friends to the north and south. We're very fortunate that we've never had to assign military to our borders, and we're not going to start that now"

Ridge's remarks are unhistorical both specifically and in the general context. Surely, no one could forget Texas, or the Alamo (except Bush that is), or the Mexican-American war, or Pancho Villa? Specifically, see the PDF linked to from here. On Page 2 we find the following discussion of events just before the U.S. entered World War I:

German agents also sought to generate ill-will towards the United States among Mexicans and Mexicans resident in the United States. [9] As part of this effort, Germany encouraged Pancho Villa's actions against the United States. [10] There were other raids and acts of sabotage into the United States from Mexico both before and after Villa's spectacular night raid on Columbus for which no direct evidence of German involvement exists [11]- however, on at least one of those sabotage raids, American authorities took prisoners that included a Japanese saboteur and Mexican soldiers apparently operating under orders from the Carranza government. [12]

In the short-term, these border skirmishes did what the German government had hoped. The Army assigned half the mobile armed forces in the continental U.S. to guard the South Texas border. [13] A total of 184,000 soldiers, in Regular Army and National Guard [14] units from every state but Nevada, were moved to the border to prevent further intrusions, consuming equipment and ammunition. [15]

Did Ridge not know this, or did he just choose to forget it?

That PDF also discusses the "Plan of San Diego", an early 1900s attempt by some Mexican officers at cleansing the Southwestern U.S. of "Anglos."


Your displeasure with that situation is shared. The shysters in the federal courts did not have to make this available for the foreign criminals' children, they knew it would ignite a stampede over the southern border. It is obvious aggression; those parents don't pay 10% of what they eat up in subsidies. The face of the immigrant today is hostile; but it didn't use to be, did it?

Another typo, as am really angrey regarding.

And, damn School Board socialists last night voted to spend more tens of millions on the non-taxpaying jackass immigrants than the middle-class kids. And, they['re using huge Bond monies on building new schools for all them,while the middle class and suburban kids get crammed into portables! Socialists cram this garbage down like supposed to like having low levels around our kids as a good for our kid and we're paying for it all! So, are all the taxpayers across the country paying extra for all these extra programs for these dummies.

Actually, another School Board member said they act like Nazis--which was pulled from the morning radio news after one segment never to be heard again all day.

Think only way to stop these idiots is to make the 20 year Citizens rule for any use of any govt. benefits.

excuse,typo i first line: All they care about is telling whatever lies to get elected...

All the care about is telling whatever lies to get elected. Once elected, they're safe they think. They are traitors to the American people.
What would shake this up--other than getting hit--without being able to defeat them, which we cannot do without more time now that the people have finally woken up?

An alternative explanation might be that they know there is a problem of terrorist infiltration, but they don't want it to become known that they're aware of it. They are setting themselves up for an enormous public expression of outrage at the polls, if an attack occurs through infiltration over the southern border in the next few weeks, and it becomes widely known how they got in. The government is implying that terrorists would not use that route, because only those with family values invade our country and go on net public subsidy, making themselves accessory to the treason which distributes tax money to the foreigner. They're preparing for all sorts of high-tech terror possibilities, while insisting that the low-tech method of crossing a little-guarded border and taking truck bombs to crowded buildings, need not be defended against, because those who cross that way are, by definition, peacable workers who are incapable of harming us.

Ridge is clearly lying, so that if and when the terror attacks do come from that direction, they will have some plausible deniability. The terrorists of 9-11, were all illegal aliens. Border defense and immigration law enforcement would have stopped 9-11 and other terror attacks of the last few years, attempted terrorist infiltrations, and ones that were carried out, like the DC sniper.

Are they saying that they refuse to defend the borders and are proud of it? It sounds like someone saying that he's a traitor and proud of it, and try and stop him. The family values which don't stop at the border, make for a family so large, that family values do not then seem to be distinguishable from one-worlder values. Why then, unless the intentions are grossly dishonest, attempting to manipulate people's concern for their immediate family, into an equation of that with a traitor's project of trying to pillage us in a process of welfarizing the entire planet, would they equivocate on family values to that degree?