PIIPP spotted in NYT

"PIIPP" refers to a "pro-illegal immigration puff piece," and a classic of the genre has been spotted in the NYT.

The author is Nina Bernstein, and the article is entitled "From Immigrants, Stories Of Scrutiny, and Struggle":

As a Muslim immigrant growing up in New York, Navila Ali, 20, felt safe and almost American until Sept. 11, 2001, she said yesterday, speaking out at an unusual public hearing led by the bishop of Brooklyn to highlight the impact of enforcement crackdowns on the city's immigrants...

Such sentiments are sweeping immigrant communities in New York, Bishop DiMarzio said, and not only among Muslims, who have borne the brunt of antiterrorism measures. A wide spectrum of foreign-born residents feel the ripple effects, from ballooning immigration application backlogs to the denial of driver's licenses for longtime immigrant workers who cannot prove that they are working legally...

Lonewacko comments: This is truly a classic of the genre. I originally spotted this article here, and, based on not just the text of the article but on the headline which used the word "struggle," I held a brief internal debate: was this article from the CPUSA or from ANSWER? I was (slightly) surprised to find out it was from the NYT. And, the experienced PIIPP-spotter will note how the NYT twice works around the fact that most of those concerned are here illegally. It's truly a master stroke to euphemize "illegal alien" as "[those] who cannot prove that they are working legally." My congratulations to the NYT and, if you want to encourage their future efforts, you can buy the full article here.

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