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I haven't seen the Nicholas Berg video, but I did scan through some of the many conspiracy theories. One of the more popular pages is this. That has as its source. While I usually completely trust as a news site, in this one case (and this one case only) I'm a bit skeptical.

However, consider the following (unverified) informatsia:

"...The terrorists in Berg's beheading video are communicating to each other in Russian ! One of them tells to the executioner who was cutting Berg's head: "Davay pozhivee!" meaning "Do it quicker !", or "Hurry up !" in pure unaccented Russian. Initially, I thought I was the only one who noticed it, but other Russian speakers confirmed it as well independently from me. So, who actually killed Berg ? BTW, "Allah o Akbar" they pronounce not with Arabic, but with a Russian-like accent. Also, their demeanor was not Arabic at all, but resembles that of people from the North Caucasus. Those were not Arabs!"

The source for that appears to be a poster at - gasp! - Democratic Underground. But, it is easily verified by those who've seen the tape.

Moving a bit up in the credibility category, consider the following from CNN:

Now, of course, the original claim was that Zarqawi is the actual man who performed this execution. Our experts listened to the accent, as you said, and they determined the accent is not Jordanian...

The CIA says it was Zarqawi who did the beheading, and Zarqawi apparently has a Jordanian accent...

The mystery deepens.


I'm probably kinda persona non grata at I had a couple of exchanges with them just after 911 when one of them took exception, rather strongly and repeatedly, to something I said in a forum. I made a couple of calls and they were soon in a world of hurt with fed and local leo's and their hosting service.

You might wanna get ready to whack some peepee's.