It's a job for the patriotic Left...

...all two of them. But, I kid.

Several "liberals" are complaining about U.S. military police allegedly mistreating Iraqi POWs. For instance, here's TalkLeft's post.

The few patriotic "liberals" could point out that a) this is an isolated incident, b) (most of) those responsible are being prosecuted, c) these actions in no way tarnish our overwhelmingly above-board actions in Iraq, and d) these actions are in no way comparable to Saddam's actions over many years. Whether they will or not is another question; we can already see how CBS is trying to spin this. For more opinion on this story, see this or this.

UPDATE: Several members of the Unhelpful Left can be found commenting here: washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2004_04/003816.php. I'd imagine DU is slightly worse.