How to make "liberals" drop support for the DREAM Act

Bleeding heart leftie TalkLeft directs us to yet another demonstration in favor of the anti-American DREAM Act. (Note the URL is at MTV and that the article is basically an advocacy piece. For an earlier demonstration for the DREAM Act, see the post Karl Rove meets his new "voters".)

At TalkLeft, I provided the story of "Mike Jackson" to illustrate why this is horrible, anti-American legislation:

Mike - a U.S. Citizen from Alabama - wants a discounted college education. If Mike can't get a discounted college education, he won't be able to go to college, and he'll be forced to go work at Wal*Mart as a stocker.

Mike knows that there are only a finite number of discounted college educations available. There are only a limited number of colleges, and there's only a finite amount of money available for discounted college educations.

Mike is very worried about the DREAM Act. Under the DREAM Act, a citizen of another country could take Mike's hope at a college education away.

Mike wonders, "Why should a citizen of another country get the discounted college education I should have gotten? How could anyone support explicitly anti-American legislation like this? Shouldn't we give discounts to our own citizens before the citizens of other countries? Those citizens of other countries are eligible for free or discounted educations in their own countries. It's just not fair!"

Let's support Mike Jackson and all the other citizens who will have their discounted college educations taken away by a student from another country. Most of those citizens who will be affected by the DREAM Act are People of Color like Mike.

Mike doesn't exist. However, I have no doubt I could find thousands or tens of thousands of students who'd be adversely affected by this horrible bill.