Does "AP" stand for "AgitProp?" - Part 2 of a long series

Part 1 of this series discussed the "possible hate crime" the AP reported on back in February. It concerned an illegal alien mother and daughter who were murdered in Fremont, CA. On the slimmest evidence, the AP's Justin Pritchard declared it a possible hate crime and tried to lay the blame for their murders on the fact that, as illegal aliens, they did not have driver's licenses. Gil Cedillo since used their murders for political purposes. As of a month ago, the murders were unsolved.

Part 2 of this series concerns AP reporter Laura Wides.

Today she has a long piece on a legal Mexican immigrant who is trying to fight deportation after being convicted of conspiracy to commit murder ('Paroled Mexican woman fights deportation'). Our goal here is not to discuss the merits of the woman's case, but AP's coverage of the story.

Laura Wides' latest piece goes into the legal issues of the case. It discusses the history leading up to the murder. It appears that Laura Wides interviewed at least five or six people for this piece. And, I'm sure she spent some time confirming statements made by the woman, her lawyer, and others. And, it's written in a weepy, Struthersian style that makes you almost want to pick up your phone and donate to her defense fund:

"Now she faces another ordeal - the prospect of being torn from her family and sent back to a country she no longer knows..."

"...a permanent U.S. resident whose ailing mother and eight siblings are U.S. citizens..."

"From the yard of the detention center, Suarez, now 43, catches glimpses of the life she missed."

"Suarez's nightmare began in 1976..."

Now, compare the AP's coverage of this story to their coverage of the previous post, 'Central American and Mexican consulates to aid Calif immigrants'. That story is far more important. It will have a far greater impact on people in the U.S. and other countries. Where are the interviews, including from those who might say this is a bad thing for America? Where is the backstory? Go read the original report; one might be forgiven for confusing it with a press release from the Mexican consulate.

If foreign countries are forming pacts to help their citizens evade our laws and to give the corrupt elites of those countries even more political power within our country, shouldn't the AP be covering that pact with the same force with which they cover weepy Sally Struthers pieces?

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