Dean Wheeler on the Spanish elections

Here's a description from a guy who heard a radio interview with Dean Wheeler:

...I never had listened to him before, but he had on a guy named Dean Wheeler (sp?) from the Northern California Peace Symposium (couldn't find it on google). The two of them were talking about the terrorist attacks, and Wheeler had what I hope is a peculiar point of view - He is urging Al Queda to attack the United States sometime before the election so that the American Public can wake up (as the Spanish Public did) and see the disastrous policies of George Bush. This one time strike that he is calling for would hopefully not lead to a great loss of life, could be mostly symbolic, and he believes would lead to Kerry becoming the 44th President of the United States. Once Kerry is in office, Wheeler knows that the new president will take the first real step to making our country safer by sitting across from representatives from Al Queda at the bargaining table and try to reach a consensual agreement that would remove the danger from our country...

Did I mention Dean Wheeler is a character from the Phil Hendrie show? And here you thought that really was a leftie saying that.