The "L.A. Opens Office of Immigrant Affairs" story just gets worse and worse

The recent post "Los Angeles is the Ellis Island of the West Coast" discusses the new L.A. City Office of Immigrant Affairs. I took a look at the press release from the city regarding this office, and the situation is even worse than I thought. The press release is here [warning: PDF file].

Bearing in mind that Mayor Hahn said "This is not an office that is designed to encourage people to break the law by moving here illegally," let's read these excerpts:
"On behalf of the ACLU of Southern California and our 40,000 members, I applaud Mayor Hahn, Councilmember Garcetti, and the Los Angeles City Council for today's historic announcement," said Rini Chakraborty, senior policy associate of the ACLU of Southern California. "With immigrants comprising nearly 40% of the County's population, Los Angeles embodies the idealism of our diverse nation and shines as a beacon into America's future. The creation of the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs is particularly timely given the drastic curtailment of immigrant's rights in the aftermath of September 11. We welcome this opportunity to work in partnership with the Mayor's newly created office and reclaim fundamental rights for all immigrants, regardless of status."

"This office represents a new and vital opportunity for the City of Los Angeles to enter the new century by acknowledging the contributions and responding to the needs of all immigrant communities," said Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of LA (CHIRLA).
So, Hahn says it won't encourage illegal immigration. But, the ACLU says it will apply to everyone regardless of "status." In other words, it will make it easier to be an illegal immigrant. Current illegal immigrants will tell their friends that the City of L.A. is making it easy to be an illegal immigrant. Univision and La Opinion will report about the City of L.A. making it easy to be an illegal immigrant. In other words, this office will incentivize illegal immigration, which will lead to further illegal immigration.

Regarding the ACLU's hysteria about post-9/11 immigrant's rights, see 'CAIR's Jihad Hotline', 'Leftists Attack Borders', and 'The Elite War on Our 'Bigotry'.

I also linked to an allegation about CHIRLA in the previous post. Originally I thought they were just a quote source for the L.A. Times.

Then, I found out they were at the announcement.

Now I find out they're being quoted in the L.A. City press release.

It was bad when I first heard about it, it's gotten worse after I read the press release, and I predict it will just keep getting worse and worse.