Diving for conspiracies

I've heard a couple things lately about the strange deaths of scuba divers or incidents involving scuba divers, but no details were provided and I didn't find anything with google. This is interesting due to al Queda's reported interest in diving: see 'Fears Persist of Al Qaeda Link to PADI Dive Center' and 'Al Qaeda Plans Underwater Attack'.

Thank gosh for Art Bell, who featured this organization on his show recently.

They point to these three cases:

'Diver Sighting Near Coast Guard Station Raises Concern' (Hawaii)

'Police seek public's help to ID diver' (Florida)

'Diver dead in Hudson' (New York)

None of them appear to be al Qaeda, except for perhaps the Hawaii one. And, I don't know if two deaths and one strange sighting are all that uncommon in the wacky undersea world of diving...