I'm at BloggerCon...

I'm passing out these flyers to the 50 or so people still here. It describes my new service:


Blogging superstar Lonewacko just Blogged Across America: he drove from Los Angeles to BloggerCon 2003, blogging all the way. Read about his adventures at lonewacko.com/blog.

Now, through this exclusive offer, Lonewacko is available for interviews or to speak to you or your group about his historic journey. Join Lonewacko at the forefront of envisioning the futurescape of blogging and of the blogosphere.

Whether you're a "newbie," or whether you'd like to learn about leading-edge issues such as WiFi-enabled live guest blogging, aggregated standards-compliant mo-blogging, how your enterprise can become the expert consumers' turn-to information source, or how to access the leaders of the emergent blogging community, Lonewacko is here to help.

Lonewacko is available for interviews, speaking engagements, trade shows and conferences, store openings, events, corporate and enterprise teambuilding, and more.

Please refer to the following chart for his current speaking and interview rates:

Interview (via phone, FAX, text messaging, or face-to-face meatspace):
$5 per minute (20 minute minimum)

Interview (via email or instant messaging):
$1 per word (100 word minimum)

Conferences, Speaking Engagements and other Events:
$500 per day plus $250 per appearance-hour

*Fees do not include expenses. 50% surcharge for national media. 50% surcharge for difficult questions. Rates slightly higher in Canada. No personal checks.

4470 Sunset Blvd. #377
Hollywood, CA 90027

Memorable! Magical! Memetical!

UPDATE: Oliver Willis not only took one of the flyers, he shook my hand! Of course, he kept moving and didn't say anything to me, but, maybe next BloggerCon.


Now that we know the going rate for weblogger interviews, I'm charging double whatever Lonewacko charges. If you don't like that there's always the 50% off special.

Hey, I was a little thrown off. I thought you were maybe Lonwacko's "advance man" and not the man himself.

Are you sure you aren't willing to waive the 100 word minimum? I'm ready to pay for a single word, perhaps extra if it's a really long and complicated one.