NRO, Congressman validate this blog's existence

You'll recall that 10 days ago I discussed the Angry Clam's post about the "conservatives are crazy" academic study.

You, my blogees, will recall that I spent a couple hours of my precious time hunting down the various bosses of the paper's authors, and suggested that they be contacted about the paper.

Remember how, in the "UPDATE 2" section of that post I discussed how this paper was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Science Foundation, and even provided email and web addresses for those fine institutions?

Well, here's what Byron York of NRO had to say in their Friday edition:

Congressional investigators have found that the study was financed by $1.2 million in federal funds. According to the House Republican Study Committee [warning: PDF file], Kruglanski received National Institute of Mental Health grants totaling $976,762, Glaser received National Institute of Mental Health grants totaling $48,464, and Jost and Kruglanski together received an estimated $213,800 from the National Science Foundation...

In an interview with National Review Online, Florida Republican Rep. Tom Feeney, who looked into the study and its funding, called the project "outrageous."

"Taxpayers shouldn't be required to pay for these things," Feeney said. "If private universities, privately funded, want to study ridiculous hypotheses for political agendas, they have a right to do so, but when you are basically confiscating money from taxpayers to fund left-wing rhetoric and dress it up as scientific study, I think you have a real problem with credibility."

Here's your take-away: you don't need NRO. You don't need the high-falutin' House Republican Study Committee. All you need is the Lonewacko Blog. We've got you covered.

Oh, and Byron York/Congress, take note of the following. This is how we do things 'round here:

(NRO link via California Insider)

I'm not suggesting that Byron York or the congressman came to this blog and my post set their investigation into motion, nor am I suggesting that they did that and intentionally avoided giving me my props. I'm just being wacky about the props part of things.


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