McDonald's new "Please don't sue us" menu

I recently tried one of McDonald's new McVeggie burgers. It wasn't so bad. It's loaded with non-hot spices, which are almost as addictive as their fries. Nutritionally, it seems OK as well, except for a large amount of sodium. It certainly has a fair amount of protein, about 21g if memory serves.

I was going to post about how this new menu and the accompaning display were designed to give their patrons a "choice." As in:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, our restaurants clearly gave Joe Schlub a choice between our healthy menu and our ticking-time-bomb menu. He made his choice, and I'd suggest you keep that in mind when determining whether to award him the $23 billion he's asking for.

Unfortunately, the DailyTrojan beat me to this observation. Beaten out by a snot-nosed Spoiled Child.

The McVeggie wasn't spicy-hot for me, but it might be for those who aren't as used to hot things as I am. I can't tell anymore.