Selective editing at the L.A. Times?

Remember the story of Jason Halperin, the guy who went to an Indian restaurant and (supposedly) had an up-close-and-personal encounter with the Patriot Act?

His original account is at and here. Instapundit covered the original version here.

Surprisingly, this was reprinted in the local rag a couple of days ago as "Feeling the Boot Heel of the Patriot Act." (Link via this.)

This "true tale" was printed in the LAT's Commentary section. However, let's not let that distract us from the fact that Jason Halperin does not mention the name of the restaurant where this supposedly took place. In his original account, he says, "I have omitted the name of the restaurant so as not to subject the owners to any further harassment or humiliation."

Strangely enough, that quote is left out of the LAT version. Perhaps they didn't want you to notice that a) the name of the restaurant or any other details are conveniently not included, and b) there is no independent verification of this "tale." If the LAT verified his tale, perhaps they should share that with their readers. Until they do, I'll assume that they just took his word for it.

Further, in the LAT article he is only identified as "Jason Halperin lives in New York City." When, in fact, we know that he works with or for Doctors without Borders.

That wouldn't be the first time that a major newspaper has printed inflated stories from advocacy groups whose ax-grinding is hidden from their readers.

Perhaps the LAT should create a "Speculative Commentary" section.