<b>Gray Davis: V for Victory!</b>

In his latest TV commercial, Gray Davis gives the backwards "V for Victory" sign. If you're not familiar with that particular obscene gesture, see the "palm-back v sign" section.

In his commercial, he's of course not making the sign intentionally, and he doesn't make it with quite the same enthusiasm as the guy at the web page above. It's in the last shot of "RESTORE" when he's standing at the podium, available here.

Could this be a subtle subliminal comment from his handlers? "You know you're getting screwed, and you know you like it. So, vote for the bastard."

As a final subliminal hand gesture, perhaps Gray should hold his hand out palm-up.

I sent this tip to Mickey Kaus, but he was too wrapped up in Raines bashing and welfare reform (zzzzzz) to print it.