64% support Obama's anti-American DREAM Act amnesty? (Bloomberg, immigration, poll)

A new Bloomberg immigration poll contends that 64% of likely voters approve of Obama enacting a version of the anti-American DREAM Act (link):

Sixty-four percent of likely voters [note: 734 U.S. adults] surveyed after Obama's June 15 announcement said they agreed with the policy, while 30 percent said they disagreed. Independents backed the decision by better than a two-to-one margin... A majority - 56 percent - of likely Republican voters opposed the decision, while almost nine in 10, or 86 percent, of Democrats supported it. Sixty-five percent of independents backed the policy change, while 26 percent disagreed.

1. The poll results don't indicate the partisan breakdown. Just as an example, if 250 each of Democrats, Republicans and independents were polled, something around that 64% could be obtained (that would work out to around 225, 110, and 160 for, respectively). There are other possibilities, and Bloomberg might not be revealing the partisan breakdown to make the percentages appear worse than they are.

2. This is the question that was asked:

President Obama announced that the U.S. would halt the deportation of some illegal immigrants if they came here before age 16, have been in the country for five years, have no criminal record, are in school or have a high school diploma or have been honorably discharged from the military. Do you agree or disagree with this new policy?

There's a big difference between "some" and perhaps as many as the 800,000 to 1.4 million new legal workers that will be added to the labor supply. Who knows how many people knew what sort of numbers are involved? It's not like the [[establishment media]] is in the business of harping about the downsides of Obama actions or immigration matters. Some or many respondents may have thought this was just about a smaller number than hundreds of thousands to potentially over a million.

3. Even if the poll is a little shady, the results are not encouraging: they show that the bad guys (the media, business and political interests, etc.) are winning and by how much. The DREAM Act is an anti-American bill that would harm struggling American workers and struggling American college students. Yet, here we've got large numbers of people supporting something that patriotic Americans - those who stand with their fellow citizens - should oppose.

For years, I've been encouraging simple steps to oppose amnesty. If more people did things like that, those poll results could be turned around.