Our Lady Queen of Angels Church (sanctuary movement, dupes, IAF)

From Louis Sahagun of the Los Angeles Times' "L.A. church offers migrants sanctuary" (link via this) we learn that Father Richard Estrada of the Our Lady Queen of Angels church ("La Placita";laplacita.org) in downtown Los Angeles is spending $1000 to build living quarters to house a family of illegal aliens facing deportation orders. It mentions the Interfaith Worker Justice and the New York Sanctuary Coalition as being involved in this "new sanctuary movement". It also quotes Rev. Alexia Salvatierra, "executive director of Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice-California and a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church".

Their goal is to create a media circus:

To be eligible, an undocumented immigrant must be in deportation proceedings, have a good work record and have children who are U.S. citizens by birth. They must also agree to undergo training to overcome their fear of public exposure and articulate their cases at news conferences and public gatherings... [Salvatierra says:] "We're choosing them for their personal stories... but we're training them in how to respond to questions about their plights."

Let a thousand Elvira Arellanos bloom! Maybe they'll even train them to emote from behind a scrim.

The new movement thinks that, unlike the past movement, they won't face arrests as long as those to be deported are in proceedings and are identified.

Pulling the tax exempt status from these churches is certainly one way to deal with this, but there's a far easier and far more effective way: discredit these "leaders". Some might not fear arrest, but all fear being publicly exposed for their inability to figure out everything involved in this issue.

Sahagun also quotes "Peter A. Schey, president of the board of directors of the Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law Foundation" without mentioning his various links to the Mexican government.

Also of interest is the PDF of an immigration workshop (laplacita.org/workshop.pdf). It contains an overview of immigration which might look slightly balanced, but it doesn't really answer too many objections. And, it's from "One LA/IAF", which is a local affiliated of the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by radical organizer - and apparent Hillary Clinton idol - Saul Alinsky.

The PDF has cheap labor pimps aspects:

Growers from the Imperial Valley in CA to Yuma County in AZ will fill barely half the 50,000 hand positions needed to gather the region's tons of produce, according to Western Growers

An unimpeachable source, to be sure. They also manage to mash religion, world socialism, and libertarianism together in just one paragraph:

We live in a global economy; the policies and politics of one country affect other countries. We are called to be in solidarity. There is an increasing interdependence between countries who allow free movement of goods, but not of people.

UPDATE: From this:

Nearly one year after a massive Los Angeles protest march electrified the immigrant rights movement, the original organizers gathered again at the downtown spot where they hatched their plans: the historic adobe church known as La Placita... There was the fiery priest, the activist mothers, the Riverside graduate student [Jesse Diaz Jr.]...


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