Gil Cedillo's SB 1 would create "Office of Immigrant Affairs"

California state Senator Gil Cedillo - a Democrat whose actions are usually indistinguishable from those that a paid Mexican agent would engage in - is back with a new scheme: creating an "Office of Immigrant Affairs" with bill SB 1.

He pretends that that Office would help new immigrants get settled in the state, help them apply for citizenship, and so forth. In actual fact, it would end up supporting both legal and illegal immigration, it would help create new voters for the Democratic Party - especially those who are racial demagogues like Cedillo - and it would serve as a make-work program and an entree for far-left groups, perhaps including those linked to the Mexican government. For examples, look into the Illinois Immigration Task Force, that state's "New Americans" program (similar to ones in Iowa and Arkansas), and the Los Angeles Office of Immigrant Affairs. The first and the last involve groups linked to the Mexican government.

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