Arnold Schwarzenegger's "totally reasonable, centrist approach" to illegal immigration

Arnold Schwarzenegger - California's Bush-resembling, Mexico-pandering, Rove/Kennedy/Mexico-linked governor - engaged in a three-day "media blitz" in Washington DC, attending the National Governors Association meeting, speaking on Sunday talk shows, giving interviews and speaking before the National Press Club:

..."It is time that we reintroduce the concept of the mainstream back into the American political life, and the place to start it is immigration" ...minutes after leaving a meeting with President Bush in the Oval Office, Mr. Schwarzenegger said there is "a totally reasonable, centrist approach to the whole [immigration issue]."

His plan (legalization, "guest" workers) is actually an extremely radical plan that will have a disastrous impact on the U.S. His plan - which is about the same as the Bush/Democratic plan - will massively increase legal immigration, continue to allow illegal immigration for the same reasons as the 1986 amnesty did, and give even more political power to racial demagogues like Gil Cedillo and Fabian Nunez. The plan will be seen around the world as a massive amnesty, no matter what it's called in the U.S. Those prospective illegal aliens will respond by attempting to come here to take advantage of the next amnesty. The plan will give political power to those who currently support illegal immigration and will enable them to support future illegal immigration in the same manner they do now. And, the plan will give even more political power inside the U.S. to the Mexican Government. Is there any way to define his plan as anything other than extremely radical?

Arnold can be reached at 916-445-2841, and if you press the right sequence of buttons you can speak to an actual staffer.


See what happens when you are in too close with the Kennedys? Conservative values...out the door. Arnold, time to wake up! Being mainstream does not mean PC pandering to the ultra-left. Right-wing means herd them all back at gunpoint. Centrist means humanely deport them all, enforcement only, build the wall and then we will talk about immigration,afterwards. No amnesty. Not now, not ever again.